Happy 2023!

So wow! Anybody else feel like 2022 ran them over? Just me? We had a very busy year this past year with lots of ups and downs, so I decided to reach out and add a blog to our shop to see how interested folks might be to read about the goings on and hopefully share their insight and experiences with us as well.

You may or may not know that after 16 years in a subdivision, we sold our home and found some land with plans to build a shop first and live the camper life until we could get a new home built. Then 2022 came. The ups and downs still have my head spinning! It just seemed like if it could go wrong, it would. 

Now anyone that knows me knows I am a pretty positive person. I do not like dwelling on the bad and prefer to look forward and step ahead. However, at the end of the day, I am only human and there is only so much a human can take. The thing is tho that even when you can do no more and give up, it does not go away and is still there looking you in the face in the morning. Do not kid yourself. It will be there. But as I mentioned, I lean to positive. I can be patient. I know how to stand back and see the big picture. And this is definitely a big picture situation I have walked so confidently in to.

When we first came across our future home place, I knew when I pulled up that this was it. The one. The place we had searched and searched for. A diamond in the rough for sure but I could see so much potential! We only wanted about 3 to 5 acres originally but this was 16 acres so a bit overwhelming at first. We had planned and talked about making this move for years (a story I can share later if you want to hear) and here it was!

We bought our land (anothhheerr story with many twists) and got a camper to stay in while we build and this takes us to the end of 2021, winter set in and we really couldn’t do much but wait for spring. 

Now this story starts waayyy before this, of course. We began our business in 2014 from nothing. And when I say nothing I mean less than that! So, for that I am ever grateful. We have had much success. Building a brand takes time. I have done the time! Just know that it can be gone in a blink. Even if it isn’t fair, even if it isn’t right. Momma always told me “nothing is fair, who ever said things were fair?”.

I would also like to start doing daily shop updates on social media. So far we have used it solely to promote product and not actually been on camera or shared shop goings on, but id like to know what YOU want to see from us at this interesting juncture. What would you guys like to see or like us to share? We need some feedback and need to hear from you. We look forward to hearing from you and making new friends and connections!!!